Man in the Mune

SIDney Howard is the annointed scribe responsible for producing the 21st century Christian "concept album," The Mune Pi Parables.

Of course, he didn't accomplish this ambitious work by himself. SID gathered other Believers to join the "cast of witnesses" who ably assisted his band, SIDzCarbonated Milk: a multi-talented, multi-genre loving- - -but most importantly of all- - -faith-filled aggregation of musicians.

SIDney Howard, like his literary heroes John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and Clive Staples Lewis, is a thinking person's Believer. I've known SID for over two decades. He is unapologetically abstruse at times but always striving for higher understanding. He wants those who read his words and listen to his music to reach a higher level level of understanding, too. When the businessman in me has compelled me to advise SID to "keep it simple", he has replied that "simplistic observations" undermine the discernment of those trying to comprehend this complex world in which we find ourselves, yet which we are not truly a part of.

As a musician, SID is a rare individual. Although he is a gifted crafter of melodies and a college educated jazz arranger, he approaches song composition as a screenwriter/director approaches a film production . "Theater of the mind" is a phrase that he has used frequently to describe the effect to which he aspires.

With this latest work, The Mune Pi Parables, Providence blessed SID with a torrent of great song lyrics and melodies. It was my privilege to play a supporting role in its songwriting and production. The work took on a life on its own. It came together as an insightful, honest testimony of a Believer striving for that higher understanding of how to live one's life here at the beginning of the 21st century's second decade.

SID can write about The Mune-Pi Parables, as I can, for pages and pages. But, it is a good work that is first and most of all meant to be heard ---meant to be heard by every thinking person seeking the higher, upward calling.

Jack Marchbanks

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