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Sidon's On the Map Just Released!

Mune-Pi After seven years of providing commentary on popular music from the sidelines of public radio, player-coaches Sidney Howard and Jack Marchbanks have put themselves "back in the game" with a funky Middle Eastern flavored instrumental entitled "SIDon 'S On The Map".
The song features the rhythms of masterful tablah percussionist, Beirut-born Farouk Aboukar, a Jack Marchbanks-inspired bass line straight outta the Bootsy Collins school of funk and the jazzy electronica of Detroit area musician-composer, Sidney Howard.
SIDon REALLY is on the map, by the way. Sidon is an ancient, beautiful Lebanese city located on the Mediterranean Sea coast, about 30 miles south of Beirut. Check out Niles Howard's video of the song on YouTube. You can view it by going to the site and typing in "SIDon 'S On The Map."
"SIDon..." is the first release off Sid and Jack's upcoming album, Mune-Pi.
The full album is scheduled for release in September. In the meantime, you can download the "SIDon 'S On The Map" single at your favorite online music store.

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